The J Amendment by Garth Holmes

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The J Amendment is about a Mexican youth who was recruited from Mexico to play soccer at San Diego State University. He completes his college, becomes a naturalized citizen, serves his country in Vietnam and returns to enter law school. After law school, Juan Cardova gets involved in the political arena.

First, he becomes the Santa Barbara County DA, then state senator, then Governor of California. His aspirations don't stop there when he moves on to the U.S. Congress. Through devious means, he induces powerful U. S. Senators to amend the Constitution to allow him to become President of the United States. His presidency is a disaster leading to hemispheric tension and conflict.

The Border by Garth Holmes

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The Border is the sequel to the author's first novel, The J Amendment. In The J Amendment, the main character Juan Cardova, a Mexican immigrant, comes to America and aspires to the presidency. Juan becomes President by forcing powerful members of Congress to amend the U.S. Constitution, but his administration is such a failure, Congress recalls him and exiles Juan to Mexico with the admonishment, "never to return".

In The Border, Juan becomes President of Mexico and vows revenge on his formerly adoptive country. Juan's plan is to raise Mexico to a standard are exceeding that of America. He challenges the Unites States as a world power. Juan's scheme is full of twists and turns and ends with an encounter that dramatically impacts his life.