Today, the CSS H.L. Hunley is located at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center in Charleston, SC. Visitors are only welcome on Saturday and Sunday, since the conservation effort occurs during the week.
On April 17, 2004, the submarine pioneers who manned the Hunley completed their century-long journey to a final burial. The Hunley's eight-man crew was laid to rest at the Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston next to others who lost their lives on Hunley test missions.

To make certain the physical images of the individual crew members and all available biographical information about them is preserved for posterity, facial reconstruction as well as forensic and genealogical research were conducted prior to the funeral.

One of the interesting things a visitor will learn that because the captain and crew perished and remained in the submarine, archeologists were able to use facial recognition methodologies to reconstruct the crew's facial features. The photographs below are the results of that effort, and were taken at the Center.

Crew (L to R) Seaman J. F. Carlsen; Seaman Augustus Miller; Boatswain's Mate James A. Wicks; Quartermaster Joseph Ridgeway

Crew (L to R) Lieutenant George Dixon (Commanding); Seaman Arnold Becker; Seaman C. Lumpkin (Simkins?); Seaman Frank G. Collins