What are the members like?
Puget Sound Civil War Roundtable members range in age from 11 to over 90. Some come from a military background and include high ranking officers. Others are more academically oriented. And yet others are business professionals.
Most are simply folks interested in American history with a special interest in the Civil War era. Some of our members are of course “re-enactors". (Those imaginative, fun-loving folks who spend occasional weekends and holidays re-living battles and camp life from the Civil War period.)
Is the roundtable a closed club?
The roundtable is NOT a closed club. You do not need a special invitation, just come to a meeting! We warmly welcome anyone simply seeking to join us for a highly informative monthly history talk, some lively discussion and a good meal with new friends.
What if I just want to see what it's like?
The curious can simply attend any meeting listed on this site. There is a $5.00 fee to attend a meeting. This assists the roundtable to pay for per diem and travel expenses for outside speakers.
Are meeting reservations necessary?
Yes, meeting reservations are necessary. This gives our host an opportunity to plan for sufficient seating.
How do I make meeting reservations?
You can make your meeting reservation on this website a few days in advance of the meeting. Click on the MEETING RESERVATIONS link.
How much does dinner cost?
Typically, dinners run $21.00 per person. Please pay with cash or by check. At this time, the roundtable does not accept credit or debit cards.
Why are meeting reservations so important?
Meeting reservations assist the restaurant by providing a count of those who prefer different dishes. This helps assure that everyone will be served the dish they want.
Can I pay for dinner beforehand?
No. At this time, the board of directors has decided that pre-payment will not be an option. Please pay as you enter the roundtable meeting area.
Can I bring my children to the meeting?
Our monthly dinner meetings are geared for adults and last beyond the bedtime of younger children. So, we ask that children younger than 10 not attend.
Will I be required to stay during the question/answer period?
The roundtable was created as a discussion group. In that tradition, at the end of the speaker's presentation, we encourage the audience to ask questions. However, we recognize that some are either uninterested or have other matters to attend to and may wish to leave. If you choose to leave during this period, we ask that you do so as quietly as possible.