January 12, 2017

“Going Home: A Novel of the Civil War”

I enjoyed the talk. It is always fun to hear a good family story. Text slides didn't add much, but the illustrations were helpful. - John (Jeff) McLaughlin
The speaker drew us into the personal story of his family. The fact that he couldn’t connect all the dots didn’t lessen the story and I was moved. The good story teller explains a topic that is hard to grasp and James convinced us that there were both good times and hard times in our pioneer families. This is the American story and I feel like I’m part of that. - Stephen Pierce
I enjoyed Mr. Shipman’s talk very much.  The area of Historical Fiction is one that I am working on myself in an in-progress novel in which Jerry Garcia, lead guitarist of the Grateful Dead, and Yogi Berra, Hall of Fame Yankee catcher, meet and, through a dose of unusual LSD, get transported back in time to the Civil War and have adventures together.  Being as historically accurate as possible is of extreme importance.  Filling in the unknown gaps with reasonable suppositions fleshes out the story. 

James Shipman appears to have done a masterful job of this.  His delivery last night was well paced and highly articulate.  His passion for the subject, involving ancestors and huge input from his now deceased father, was very evident. 
My question:  Is anyone trying to get James Shipman to join PSCWRT?  He would be a very welcome addition to our membership. -
Rick Solomon
Last night our Roundtable group enjoyed the culmination of the results of Jim Shipman having fully embraced military history early and thoroughly. His knowledge and passion to tell widely varied the stories led him to investigate further his own family member’s involvement in the Civil War. The compelling tale of Joseph was interestingly shared and well researched. Inspired by his furor – my next stop,  reading wise, is Constantinople!

Becky and Jim, please come back to visit us anytime. - Marilyn Rexilius
He did well.   His discussion made the book seem like a biography more than a work of fiction.   The power-point presentation on the screen and his discussion seemed like a Wikipedia write-up.    The speaker passed around a notebook with letters and notes.   My quick scanning noted some vignettes and anecdotes.   Had his talk included them, his ancestor would have moved from the page to be a "live" character. - Jorgen Bader
I enjoyed his presentation and insight into how he tied fiction and reality into his books. Great presentation skills and a very interesting presentation. Glad he spent the evening with us. - Richard Dickson
We really enjoyed the presentation that David Shipman gave last night. The information he gathered to write the book and the details he went into were very interesting. We can't wait to read the book. Very well done. - Allen and Louise Suter
Excellent in my view. Very interesting. - Verlin Judd
I enjoyed the program very much.  It was well organized including the photos etc. Well done! - Steve Olsen
Great story, well presented. I enjoyed James Shipman’s history tale involving his great grandfather. - Jay Secord
Based upon actual events that his 2x great grandfather went through, James Shipman wrote about him in his historical Civil War Novel Going Home. The presentation was engrossing, as Shipman tied together the various things that his ancestor did, based upon the stories and letters that were passed down to him from his family. I was impressed with the level of scholarship that Shipman employed in writing Going Home. What was even more impressive is that at the end of his talk, he hadn’t really given any of the plot away! - Mark Terry