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The speaker spoke clearly, both in his annunciation and in conveying meaning.  He was highly knowledgeable about his subject.  The subject matter was of great interest to him, of course, but also to me.  A vignette of one young officer’s life and death in the Civil War. - Rod Cameron
I thought Dr. McLaughlin did a great job in presenting his subject. It made me buy his book after, as I wanted to know more. Enjoyable evening well spent! - Don Spenard
Dr. McLaughlin did well. The enthusiasm that comes with a personal connection to the story certainly kept everyone's attention. It was a wonderful story of one mans challenges in our Civil War. It's clear Dr. McLaughlin is not a trained speaker. This is just an observation. His fast moving story certainly kept his audience engaged. - Bob Hazen
I enjoyed Jeff's presentation The attitude of the Union soldiers toward African Americans was interesting. - Steve Clayton
An excellent talk. He loves his subject. - Craig Miller
While informative about one soldier who fought in the Civil War, Jeff presented it with clarity and interest.  It was entertaining and quite informative, highlighted by the visual aids.  I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. - Ken Bertrand
We really enjoyed the speaker, the book sounded very interesting and his presentation was very good. - Allen & Louise Suter
I thought the program was good. An interesting glimpse into the personal view of a Civil War soldier. - Verlin Judd