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May 11, 2017


Interesting chronological treatise on the life of Granville Haller by a great patriot to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude for his service to our country. - Richard Kerr
Gen. Hemphill gave a talk covering the lifelong career of an Army officer of the Civil War era. A detailed look at Army life that could be provided only by a fellow Army officer who, like his subject, has experienced the nomadic life of a military officer including, again like his subject, combat (Korean War And Viet Nam).  A sympathetic and knowledgeable portrayal of life in the American Army both before, during and after the Civil War.

Very informative and well worth it. -
Rod Cameron   
Weak.  We wanted to hear about his role in the Civil War and how he regained his commission after the War, say did not get that info. - Doug Galuszka
Very interesting, well presented, and nice to have a local subject from time to time. - Don Spenard
Very engaging! I enjoyed his presentation, especially his conclusion as to why Haller disappeared from the scene. Others of even higher rank did exactly the same when their wounds, illness or other factors made them believe they couldn’t function at the level they expected of themselves. - Mike Movius
Very interesting and good presentation. - Brian V. Hunt
I enjoyed the General's talk.  Haller certainly did a lot of grueling travel.  Although most of talk was not about Civil War battles, it was interesting about the Washington Territory activity. - Jack Seeley