Professor Adams clearly knows his stuff. The book sounds very interesting. He sounded tired or uninspired. - Jeff McLaughlin
The horrible side of the war we rarely hear about. I believe Adams correct in pointing out that the Civil War tends to be glorified all too often. Bravery in battle, strategy and tactics are one thing, but the consequences need to be told too, and Adams portrayed it well. I bought his book and am eager to read it, despite the dark side of war it no doubt depicts. - Richard Kerr
I enjoyed Michael's presentation. Even though the subject is dark it needs to be told. He told the story sincerely and with compassion. - Steve Clayton
Michael C.C. Adams, author of "Living Hell: The Dark Side of the Civil War", gave a very good presentation on that very subject. Using anecdote after anecdote, Adams recounted the horrors of the war, from camp life, where the lack of sanitation and close quarters living produced sickness and death, to the fact that an army, by it's very existence, became a scourge to any and all civilians that may have lived close by. And that is even before the armies clashed on the battlefield, where bodies were mangled, burnt and torn apart by bullets, shot and shell.

Adams also pointed out how as the war went on, both sides became dulled to the inhumanity that the conflict caused, so that innocent civilians and blacks, both slave and free, were caught up in the maelstrom. Essentially, Adams' talk was a brutal corrective to what, to what the recruits of 1861 thought that the war would be- a great adventure. - Mark Terry
As we look at the Civil War through our 150 year old lenses, we simply can’t appreciate what a “living hell” the war must have been for both soldiers and civilians alike.  Professor Adams gave us a fascinating talk about the everyday costs of the war. He skillfully touched on many areas of turmoil and destruction – not simply the immediate effects of battle – with moments of humor that helped to lighten a very dark topic. - Dick Miller
I thoroughly enjoyed the information provided by Mr. Adams at the meeting last night.  His presentation may not have been dynamic but the information was at times riveting and things I DID NOT know.   So I enjoyed the presentation. - Ken Bertrand
I enjoyed Michael Adams very much. He was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and discussed some very interesting issues. - Patricia Miller Clayton
Mr. Adams certainly knew his material but I found his presentation tiring and over the time allowed.  When he announced what chapter he would be sharing next I knew it would be a long evening. - Keith L. Clark
The speaker started off a bit slow and got better as he went along.    The horror of the battlefield and its death and injuries from gunshot and artillery appears in many accounts.   His speech went beyond and really brought out the ills of the putrid water, the shoddy burial practices, and long term consequences in the area, which are not discussed in such depth in most histories and wartime accounts. - Jorgen Bader
I enjoyed the speaker's presentation. It was a refreshing perspective in what the war cost in damaged lives, etc. - Verlin Judd