September 14, 2017


I thought the speaker was very knowledgeable on the subject. And also it was interesting to hear about some of the other problems that President Lincoln had during his pre presidential years and also during his term concerning the west.. While also being consumed with a civil war in the east. Made me want to learn more about the war years  1860-1865 in the west. - Don Spenard    
An interesting perspective on Lincoln's involvement in Western (Far West) politics not heretofore considered. While he appointed Republicans to the most important posts in the Far West, this did not seem to deter the gradual advance of Democratic control of local politics, unless I missed something in the presentation. - Richard Kerr
Good, straightforward, solid presentation! - Matthew Ford
I enjoyed Mr. Etulain's presentation. I appreciated and learned a great deal about civil war connections to the Northwest. - Steve Clayton
Very interesting and hardly known information about how our area was impacted by the Civil War. - Steve Murphy
I enjoyed the talk very much. Richard Etulain is a very good speaker and the subject was interesting.  As a native Washingtonian I learned a lot about Lincoln's connections to this area that I was unaware of. His slides were excellent and added to the understanding of this subject. - Patricia Miller Clayton
Excellent speaker, interesting topic, slides were good, kept to time. - Doug Galuszka
I enjoyed the talk very much.  Richard Etulain was clear, interesting and entertaining.  

I was unaware of the influence of Lincoln in the west.  However, I had not thought about it either.  Thanks for giving me something more to think about. -
George Yocum
I liked the format, the outline and the topic. It’s the first time I’ve heard the selection of the new states officials. Nevada was interesting too. I also liked the Democrat/Republican influence and the resulting votes that may have occurred. Totally new insight into questions I’ve never thought to ask. - Stephen Pierce
We thought it was very interesting.The speaker shared a lot of information and was very knowledgeable in what he talked about. - Allen & Louise Suter
Mr. Etulain was excellent. He knew  his material, hit the high points, presented it in a way easily understood, and did it all with brio. It's always nice to be in the presence of a terrific teacher.  - Ed Malles
I thought the presentation was clear and the information was totally new to me...enjoyed it! - Jack Seeley
I enjoyed the presentation and thought the information was interesting. - Verlin Judd
Richard W. Etulain was our speaker last night. I was impressed by his depth of knowledge on the subject of Lincoln and the American West, especially in regards to the Pacific Northwest. He was able to lecture using only slides without the benefit of notes. Etulain pointed out early in his talk that the main way that Lincoln was able to influence what was going on in the Western territories was through the mandatory appointment of judges, secretaries and governors. Since most of the settlers in these new territories were Democrats, those appointees weren’t often liked, setting up almost a political “civil war” if you like. By the end of his talk, Etulain had covered his subject so thoroughly that there were very few questions during the “Q&A”. - Mark Terry
Although Richard Etulain's topic on Lincoln and the West was different from our usual focus on actual Civil War matters, I was impressed at how many fascinating connections he was able to reveal regarding decisions and appointments that did impact the war at least peripherally. He set us in the West in a whole new context for me, not just as the provider of trained leadership to both sides of the conflict.

My guest's response, "Are all your presentations that good?" says a lot about the information he so personally conveyed to us! I would gladly listen to him again, and with high expectations! -
Nick K. Adams
It was good; his books gave really high expectations that would be very difficult to meet. An depth talk about the Northwest could have filled the time e.g. there are interesting anecdotes in the politicking relating to the location to the customs house and the tensions building as to the boundary dispute in the San Juan Islands. - Jorgen Bader