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November 9, 2017


I thought the topic presented was interesting, but wished there had been more of a focus on the opinions of his superior officers held by the author of the letters and more elaboration on his battle experiences. For an hour's talk, though, I thought it was good. Richard Hanks seems serious and dedicated to the work he had done and overall was very pleasant to listen to. - Will Sullivan
Richard spoke well, had good slides that he didn’t simply read, and clearly knows his subject. Very satisfying talk. - Jeff McLaughlin
I really liked Richard Hank’s presentation He gave us a little bit different perspective of the CW. - Steve Clayton
An interesting talk. Not so much about the Civil War as about the society of the times. - Craig Miller
Could not discern most of the presentation due to the limited sound system. - Richard Kerr
Good speaker and interesting topic, well presented. - Don Spenard
Hanks subject was interesting. His incite into the vocabulary and the way folks wrote in that time period was informative. Although admittedly not a Civil War scholar, he had a good grasp of battles and workings of the Cavalry operations. - Jay Secord
Professor Hanks gave a well-written and well-delivered lecture about Edwin Hall Higley.  Hanks deftly wove  background material into his discussion of Higley’s letters.  I especially found enjoyable the portions of the letters that Hanks chose to quote.  Higley was an unusually good writer and included in his letters thoughtful and poignant insights into the war.  Hanks turned what could have been a rote recital of Higley’s letters into a highly entertaining presentation. - Dick Miller