Eighteen Union veterans who received the Congressional Medal of Honor are buried in Washington. We have visited each grave site and documented their heroics. Note that there were actually different medals awarded between the services.


2nd Lieutenant Jesse T. Barrick, 3rd Minnesota infantry
Corporal Matthew Bickford, 8th Missouri Infantry
Quartermaster Frank E. Bois, USS Cincinnati
LDS Amos Bradley, USS Varuna
Captain Herbert E. Farnsworth, 10th New York Cavalry
Sergeant Asbury F. Haynes, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery
Private George L. Houghton, 104th Illinois Infantry
Major William W. McCammon, 24th Missouri Infantry
Sergeant Alexander U. McHale, 26th Michigan Infantry
Private Jerome Morford, 55th Illinois Infantry
Quartermaster John H. Nibbe, USS Petrel
Sergeant Albert O'Connor, 7th Regiment Wisconsin Infantry
Private Myron H. Ranney, 13th New York Infantry
Sergeant Emisire Shahan, 1st West Virginia Cavalry
Sergeant William H. Sickles, 7th Regiment Wisconsin Infantry
Corporal Thaddeus Stevens Smith, 6th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry
Major General John Wilson Sprague, 63rd Ohio Infantry
1st Lieutenant John Warden, 55th Illinois Infantry