The markings at veteran grave sites are important. This project is a long-term endeavor to ensure that government-type markers (see below) remain readable to honor the service and sacrifices made by our veterans.

Union Veterans

There are specific styles of upright marble headstones to mark the graves of Civil War Union soldiers. These historical styles were reintroduced recently and are inscribed in raised lettering inside a recessed shield. These recessed-shield headstones are available in three marble sizes or one granite size. “A” is 12” wide, 3” thick, and 42” high, ”B” is 13” wide, 3” thick and 42” high, and “C” is 10” wide, 3” thick and 39” high.

The inscription on the recessed-shield headstone is limited. For Civil War Union, a shield is inscribed which encompasses the rank, if above private, the arched name and abbreviated military organization. Because of the special design and historical uniform significance, no emblem of belief or additional inscription is inscribed. On some markers, the dates of birth and death are inscribed below the shield.

Confederate Veterans

A special style is also available to mark the graves of Confederate war dead. These special styles are available in upright marble or granite.

The inscription on the special style for Civil War Confederate is also limited. The Southern Cross of Honor is automatically inscribed at the top. The rank may or may not appear at the top. The name is arched, followed by abbreviated military organization and dates of birth and death. No additional items can be inscribed. If its a flat marker, the Southern Cross of Honor other approved emblems may be inscribed.