Allen Stone Pic

This is a single grave located in rural Pierce County, Washington. Henry Clay Allen was a trapper and died in a snow storm while in the woods, within sight of his trap line cabin. Volunteer searchers found his body some days after his demise. It was deemed infeasible to remove his remains to his home in Buckley, so the volunteers interred Allen near where he died. Some years following his death his grave was marked with a Late Modified Belknap government marker, as befitting his service in the American Civil War. Birth and death information have been derived from his obituary.

Late Modified Belknap government marker locally modified with birth and death years, 1848-1896, for Civil War veteran Henry Clay Allen. The lone marked grave is located adjacent to a small interpretive display erected by the US Forest Service, on a trail near the Silver Creek Guard Station entry to Mount Rainier National Park. Photo taken in the company of representatives of the Pierce County Sheriff's Office, the Greenwater Fire Department, and the Sons of Union Veterans at the annual commemoration of Allen's Civil War service, Memorial Day 2006. Date inscription is concealed in this view by flowers.

Mount Rainier National Park