Following the Civil War, veterans and their friends and families migrated West. They took the Oregon Trail, steamships and the railroad. Many went from from one area to another, having put down shallow roots before pulling stakes and moving on.

One strong motivator was to get away from it all. To find a place new and clean. Another was the lure of homestead land and the chance to build an independent life. Yet, another was the draw of quick riches that gold could bring. Whatever the particular interest, the Pacific Northwest was a prime target for them. And on they came...

Most stayed...had families...joined the Grand Army of the Republic, practiced their skills, participated in lodges, grew old, and passed on. How many? That question is to be answered when the Washington Project concludes.

Over the next several years, we will be bringing forward the memorials, grave markers and other bits of commemoration to the brave souls who fought in America's tragic war and who survived to live lives, at least partially, in the Washington Territory and State.