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Reading Lists

Tastes in Civil War era books is very personal. Some enthusiasts are interested in battles, others in social issues of the day, while others want to know about the impact of technology. The lists on the accompanying tables were compiled by “experts” who have their own preferences. Take a look and find yours. CLICK HERE

Civil War Books

These are some of the most favorite books of the members of the Puget Sound Civil War Roundtable. Click on an image and you can purchase the title directly from Amazon.com CLICK HERE

Civil War Audiobooks

Tired of reading? Then, click on this page and the link directly to Audible.com You will not only be able to join this fabulous service at a reduced price, but you can download some of the best Civil War literature and they will read to you. CLICK HERE

Civil War eBooks

Is your bookshelf becoming full? Click on this link and find your next Civil War read. Then, download it onto your iPad, Kindle or Nook. Many are free of charge…a bonus! CLICK HERE


The Journal of the Civil War Era is published quarterly by the University of North Carolina Press in association with the George and Ann Richards Civil War Era Center; The Pennsylvania State University. Members of the Society of Civil War Historians receive a subscription. You can purchase the Journal from the Kindle Store at Amazon.com by clicking on one of the icons. CLICK HERE


The Civil War era is probably one of the most sentimental times in American history. So, it's not unpredictable that many of the songs of the day were dripping with nostalgic, tenderheartedness. But, because of the patriotic fervor, Civil War music also had a stirring emotionalism that was used by field commanders to get their troops through long marches and battles. CLICK HERE