President's Corner


By Mike Movius

I don’t really know how much you read about the Late Unpleasantness, but I actually read two or three books at any one time. And, like most, I have my hero historians. So, when I am at a conference, be it the Lincoln Forum, a Civil War Trust event, West Coast Civil War Conference, etc., I especially like to buy their latest history and chat with them a bit.

The other thing that I find enticing is going on a battlefield tour with someone who is super knowledgeable. For example, I’ve been on tours with Ed Bearss, Gary Gallagher, Robert K. Krick, Garry Adelman and others. Their insights can make the whole experience a great pleasure.

This summer, we are convening another CWRT Congress on Saturday, August 17th. This congress will be held in Harrisburg, PA at the National Civil War Museum. I’d encourage you to attend. Although our CWRT is holding its own in terms of membership, it’s not growing like it should. I’m hoping you will be inspired and bring a brilliant idea back to Seattle to enable us to grow exponentially.

But, back to the theme of this article, we will be getting a behind the scenes tour of this wonderful museum, without additional charge. Those items you’ll be able to hold in your hands includes the military Commission of Union General John Buford; the Tactical Manual of Union Captain Henry F. Fuller (64th NY) - Killed at Gettysburg; the sword used by Confederate General Joseph B. Kershaw; the flag of the “Cape Fear Guards” of 3rd North Carolina Carried on Culp’s Hill at Gettysburg; the coat worn by Union General George Sears Greene at Gettysburg  ; the sword used by Union General Alexander S. Webb (Medal of Honor at Gettysburg); the belt belonging to Medal of Honor Receipt Union Lieutenant Alonzo H. Cushing- Killed at Gettysburg; and personal items and papers of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.

The day after the congress, Wayne Motts, the CEO of the museum and licensed battlefield guide, will be giving an exclusive tour of the Gettysburg battlefield. Please consider taking this opportunity to enjoy history up-front and personal…while helping to shape the future of PSCWRT.